⚡freebies ⚡server high x700 opening ⚡international server ⚡many vitenam players - ⚡goblinmu.Com ⚡opening New Server! ⚡new Season 9 Premium OB 9/2/2023

⚡goblinmu.Com ⚡opening New Server! ⚡new Season 9 Premium - Alpha Test: 8/2/2023 - Open Beta: 9/2/2023 - Exp 700x Drop 35% - ⚡freebies ⚡server high x700 opening ⚡international server ⚡many vitenam players - Mu Online mới ra tháng 2 2023

Trang chủ: https://www.goblinmu.com/

Fanpage hỗ trợ: https://www.facebook.com/goblinmu/

Server High x700 Opening 9 February

18:00 Server Time; 12:00 Argentina; 17:00 Poland; 22:00 Vietnam; 23:00 Philippines


 Bonus Event: Free Credits for Share & Like 

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Basic Information: 

Version: Full Season 9 Premium

Experience: 700x regular / 100x master

Maximum Level: 400 regular / 330 master

Spots: all maps (press TAB to see on minimap)

Monsters, Goldens, Bosses: adjusted power

Non Pvp Maps: Losttower (1-7), Karutan 1

Battle Maps: Kanturu Ruins (1-3), Karutan 2, Vulcanus

Character Create Levels: MG, DL, SUM, RF 1

Items: level requirements for 380 & 400 removed

Mu Helper: Use from level 1, costs 50 zen * level each 5 min

Elf Phantom NPC Buff: can use till level 350

Guilds: minimum level create is 200

Multi Warehouse: 0 to 5, usage /ware 1

X Shop: very limited - no jewels, no exp seals, only pet + ring exp

Resets: 400lvl * 2kk zen, stats clear, 700 free stats * res, reward 4 wcoins

Grand Resets: from 100 resets, stats clear, reward 18000 credits


Additional Informtion:

Dynamic Experience: (click here for more info)

Party Experience Bonus: (click here for more info)

Chaos Machine Rates: (click here for more info)

VIP System: (click here for more info)

Web Itemshop: (click here for more info)

Website Features: (click here for more info)

Game Commands: (click here for more info)

Find out more information: Game Guide

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